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Action Round


In Noblis there are three sorts of Actions that can happen in a round. Continuous, Heroic (aka Miraculous), and Ordinary (aka Mundane). Each of these action has a Power Level as described in JanusPowerLevel. Standard Characters normally only have one action around, an Ordinary one. Some Magically Creatures can only do Miraculous Actions as they have no real bodies. heroes having a touch of the Divine can do both in a round.

Ordinary Actions

All normal characters can have an Ordinary Action. With this Action a character can use any of there normal Skills or Gifts. IE use their Thief Class to pick a lock, fight an Orc with their Warrior, or moving a large bolder with a Gift of Strong. Normal Actions have a basis in basis in reality and can step outside this bounds. For a character to fly there Gift must use Wings else it can only be used in a Heroic action. It is possible with Rune Magic for a Mortal to have more than one Ordinary Action a round.

Heroic Actions

This is the use of a Miraculous ability like Aspect, Domain, Realm or Spirit; or the use of a Miraculous Gift IE one that works in a Magic way. Only Magical, Heroic or divine creatures get Heroic Actions. It is possible for some Magical creatures to have more than one Heroic Action per round but it is rare.

Continuous Actions

Any Heroic Action can be used Continuously after it has been activated as long as it is not disrupted by use of another Heroic Action that uses Miracle Points.

Some Ordinary Actions can be used Continuously as well. Flying with Wings for example. There are no rules on this so I will play it as what make sense at the time.

Technically there are no rule limits to the number of Continuous Actions a Heroic character can do but it make sense to limit it to, only one Complex Action like fighting or defending at a time (I am going to say for the moment that one is the max, after all it's confusing enough).

When Fighting or Defending as a Continuous Action you can only interact with one Target of equal Power Level. If there Target is using an Ordinary Action then you can fight 5 more per level difference. IE some one with an Aspect 2 is Continuously Attacking then they can fight one Knight (PL2) or 5 Soldier (PL1) or 25 Goblins at (PL0)

Ref: JanusRPG, Next: JanusActionRound

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