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Example Characters


John Willham

Aspect 0 / 2 AMPs; Skills: AnAccountancy?, GeneralKnowledge?; Gifts: IntrestingStoryTeller?

John is an accountant, this with his general all around knowledge of train times, etc. would normally make him one to avoid at parties but due to his ability to weave a tale he is strangly never alone.

Zanosi Washsima

Aspect 0 / 2AMPs; Skills: BushiWarrior?, ChineseScholar?; Gifts: SamuraiBirth?; Flaw: PowerMad?

Washsima is a follower of the Art of the Warrior, he is a junior member of the Tiao Clan and is planning to rise quickly in the clan. He does not care who he has to destroy or worse to get what he wants.

Angela Taberhassy

Aspect 0 / 2AMPs; Skills: ArtistActor?, StuntMan?; Gifts: VeryLucky?.

Angela is an actress in action movies, she has always had this amazing ability to be at the right place at the right time to be cast in the latest big hit but has never been the star.


Georgo Ash

Aspect 0 / 2AMPs; Skills: SportsMan?, Politics; Gifts: VeryWealthy?.

Georgo was born to a rich southern european family. He spends most of his time as a Parlimentarian, attempting to climb the greasy pole to real power. At the weekend you can find him hunting, fishing and racing his sportscars.

Dr Watt T'zun

Aspect 0 / 2AMPs; Skills: MedicalPathologist?, PulpAuthor?; Gifts: VeryObservant?; Flaw: SeriousDrinkProblem?.

Dr T'zun is an important member of NYPD's ferensic pathology team. He has been personally responsible for finding the sole piece of evidence that has put away many a wrong'un. He is also a ghost writer for several well reguarded pulp crime novels. Watt has a serious drink problem; at moments of deepest stress he can return to the bottle and not come out for weeks.


Janus Character Experience Rules are at: JanusCharImprovement.

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