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The Divine Water Campaign by DaveF

[by Eric White]

This NobilisRPG campaign is ran quite a bit more eclectically than the Canon from the GWB. HouseRules

RaTheSun? God really rides across the Heavens on a SolarHorse; LordEntropy? owes a lot to Alan Rickman; and ElvisTheKing is the Power of Music. The campaign is set in a modified ThirdAgeHistory.

The Contents

The CastOfPowers; TheThoughtHistoryOfOtto, there home in CasaDiOtto.

The Protagonists

Otto The Great

    1. PrometheusThePlanner,
    2. HephitusTheBuilder,
    3. OttoTheGreat, and
    4. InariSama

Familia Otto

Their Home

The Antagonists & Other Important People

    1. Duke JeremyOfClouds, a Noble
    2. LordEntropy? - Imperial of
    3. ElvisTheKing - Noble of Pop Music
    4. LadyEstsanatlehi? - Imperal of Time and stuff
    5. MariaRunningstar - Nephilim of Virtual Reality

Their Story

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