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Roleplay Games, RPG players or referees in Chessington, Hook, Tolworth, Malden Rushet, Leatherhead, Kingston, Surrey, KT9

Roleplay Gamer Hunt

We are looking for several new Players or Referees to join our games group in the Chessington, Hook, Tolworth, Malden Rushet, Leatherhead, Kingston area.

We are a long running group that is in need of some fresh blood because several of our number have moved away.

We play lots of RPGs from DnD35e, Gurps, BushidoRPG (see: OnceUponATimeInJapan), Nobilis and Free-forms ([Gentlemen Adventurers]) and would be open to play others.

Currently we are playing EverNight as an experiment to see if we like the Savage World RPG, no experience needed. Previously we where playing a modern-day Horror 'IgnisFatuus' using a free-form system called ChopChop.

We play in: Chessington, Surrey (ie London, KT9 etal) and Skype
Game nights: Weds 8pm (ish) to 11pm (ish)
Current players: 2 in Chessington, 2 via Skype

We would prefer some one local to to join us in Chessington as we don't really want to tax the broadband much more but some one that is a fit for our group we would accept via Skype as well.

Groups Wiki: http://www.ironfort.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?HomePage

DaveF ([email me])

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