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The Iron Fort Wiki

Welcome to the Iron Fort [Wiki System]. This is a collaboration web site for [Interactive Fiction] Roleplaying Campaigns ran in the Kingston Area.

Latest Games Stories

Daring Tales of the Space Lanes

See [Daring Tales of the Space Lanes] by DaveF using SavageWorlds

Evernight (Thurs)

A bright heroic age about to come to an end ...
See: ThuEverNight by DaveF using SavageWorlds

Gentlemen Adventurers

Loosely based on the most excellent Flashman novels
See: GentlemenAdventurers by HowardT

Sites Contents

[Rule Systems]
[The Players]
[Campaign Pages]
[Logs Of Games]
[Useful Information]

Roleplay Gamer Hunt

We are looking for several new players or referees to join our games in the Chessington, Hook, Tolworth, Malden Rushet, Leatherhead, Kingston area.
More details: [The RPG Gamer Hunt]

How to use the Wiki

Please go to WikiHelp to get more information on how to use the system. There are some special IronFortWikiFormatingOptions. By default all text is assumed to be in UnsignedDocumentMode and to be Copyleft. If a page, block of text or section is 'signed' or 'marked as Copyright' then the author or Copyright owner has specifically consented to 'Fair Use' and 'Permission to distribute' via this Site.

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