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Ref: CavesAndCrawlers / GalloTales - Series 3 - Episode 4

Rolls and Scrolls


PCs: MrYoung, GeveryChambertain, GarricProudfoot, MegRodgers, VinicentDLerios


Gevery at the Inn

They get to the bottom of the cone to find an Inn and a Livery house. They orgainise there pack donkeys for the trip to RedGorge. The party spot that there are a lot of people hanging around at the Inn.

GeveryChambertain tells everyone loudly about the groups vicory over the Baboons that where terrorising the way up to the CauldronFreetown. There seams some relaf and everyone listens to his story about his (there) exploults.

MrYoung spends sometime talking to Porters and finds out some rumor (which?)

GarricProudfoot talks to the messager there.

Journey to RedGorge

The group have a quiet trip with one stop over at a local inn.

An Observer

Sitting on the a stone roof in Red Gorge

The Town of RedGorge

The party find the Minners Inn and hire the best rooms. MegRodgers after a false starts figure out how to best use CourtesanJill?'s time. She get the barman to send out invites to "join her for diner" with is best bid getting here special attentions. As the bardman says he is doing all the hard work he asks for 10% she accepts.

A Brother in Need

VinicentDLerios finds his brother [Manly]. He very dirty and in need of a wash, hair cut and new boots. His brother spends the afternoon making him presentable before introducting him to the rest ofthe group.

The Kingfisher and Scroll

A Dinner Date

Buying Scrolls

The Miners Hall




Start Date: Y10/M8/W2/D1 (afternoon)
End Date: Y10/M8/W2/D2 (afternoon)

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