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Gallo Tales

The story of the characters so far:

The Fouth Series

Transmition Date: Nov 2006 to
Campaign Date: Y10/M9/W1/D1 to
Experience Total:

Back in Cauldron it is the start of the Rain Season and the Dark Storm clouds are only a week or so away.

The Third Series

Transmition Date: Jan 2006 to May 2006
Campaign Date: Y10/M8/W2/D1 to Y10/M9/W1/D1
Sessions: 17
Experience Total: Old Characters 17ish, New Characters 30ish

The old heros meet and joinup with some locals. They then go on a trip to RedGorge and explore the UnderDark? before returning to CauldronFreetown.

The Second Series

Transmition Date: April 2004 to Aug 2004
Campaign Date: Y10/M8/W1/D1 to Y10/M8/W2/D1
Sessions: 10
Experience Total: 10kp

It is three months later and the character are in CauldronFreetown.

The First Series

Transmition Date: April to August 2003
Campaign Date: Y10/M3/W1/D1 to Y10/M5/W2/D1
Sessions: 15
Experience Total: 16kp

The heroes meet, then defend FoglyOnSea from attack. They are introduced to the local nobles, gods and protagonists. After descovering the location of the bad guys castle they undermine its defences and it is then attacked and destroyed. The bad guy gets away ....

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