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Reinar The Faceless (real name Isabella Del'Torein) (PhilippeK)

Std DnD3e Stats

Age: 18, Gender: Female, Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Profession: Rogue, Race: Human, Background: Noble, Feat: Master of Disguise

NobilisRPG / JanusRPG Stats

Aspect: 0 / 2 AMPs {EA0+mp}
Skills: Spy (Rogue) {EA1}, Noble {EA1}
Gifts: Master of Disguise {EA3}, Shapechanger {1amp}
Flaw: Hunted
Allegiance: None (May be JusticeTarbis and NarratorAttchu?)

Actions: 1 Mundane, 1 Miracle
Rank: Adventurer, Karma: Unknown Hero (total: 7, spent: 6)


Dressed in a masculine way, she does her best to look like a rather pretty boyish young man.

She is slender and of slight built, with long delicate strong hands. She has a rather rounded baby face with very big brown eyes, who often look startled even though she actually rarely is. Her hair is naturally a darkish brown-red but is currently tainted midnight black. It is now straight and cropped quite short, but it would fall in bangs if left long. Her mouth is well-drawn with full lips but severe, and her eyelashes, naturally very long, are currently kept short.

At the current time, she is sporting a henna snake tattoo on her brow, knowing well that this is the detail that people notice and that it would be easier for her to get unnoticed quickly by removing it.

She wears adventurer clothing in a very obvious manner: a studded leather armour that hides her figure quite well (in addition to bands flattening her breasts), dark grey, with lots of pouches and bits, pieces and weapons apparent all over her person, and lots of adventurer gear.

She often looks distracted, but her old mentor told her to be always aware of her surroundings and to record every conversation and detail for later use, and she does her best to follow his advice.

Gifts, Flaws and Allegiances

Master of Disguises

The character has the uncanny knack of being able to change his/her body posture and create costumes out of almost nothing. Once in a disguise, unless closely looked at by an alert mind, or the character does something abnormal, the character will be assumed to be the humanoid in question. Large changes in body structure and size are not possible but the character knows the best use of light and cover to pull this off from a distance. (EA3 when Human; EA2 when Elf, Orc, Half-orc; EA1 when Halfling, Dwarf, Gnome, Goblin, Ogre; EA0 when Sprite, Giant etal)


There is a vendetta against the character and he/she may be attacked at any time by an agent of her enemy, or even worse, recognised so that she can be taken back to torture and death.

All of this originates with her father, who had been promoted by his Lord to a position of power as regent to another vassal's infant son, effectively giving him the reins of two major estates. Unfortunately, that increase in power was not to the taste of the Vizier of the Lord, who had ambitions of his own for the second estate. He arranged for large troupes of bandits to group together, to overwhelm the caravan of Isabella's father and to slaughter everyone. The vizier committed only one mistake, to be present in person to make sure that his orders of execution were carried out. As the bandits had captured Isabella and were preparing themselves to enjoy her before slitting her throat, the Vizier came to watch. Unfortunately for him, she had been secretely trained by the old spymaster of her father, a man so skillfull that he had been very demanding about his apprentices and therefore unable to find a sufficiently skilled young man to train.... Except for the daughter of his lord, who had been an eager, if secret, student. Isabella managed not only to kill the two bandits present, but also managed to badly scar the vizier in an embarassing place before fleeing.

Since then, she has lived a hunted life, barely escaping assssins a number of times, as the Vizier knows that she must be killed. If she were to reach the Lord and prove the misdeeds of the Vizier by proving her knowledge about his scar, she would obtain her vengeance, and probably be restored to her title. But she does not feel trained and secured enough to do this, which is why she has temporarily exiled herself in the region of Fogly.


The character can Shapechange or Polymorph Self into any similiar sized animal or humaniod. This costs 1AMP. {Lesser Change of Self: 5, Cost 6kp, Chained from Master of Disguises}


Purse (at belt)
Current Money
10 pp
82 gp
1 sp
2 cp
10 gems (worth 15 gp each)
Potion of Cure Light Wounds

Purse (hidden inside doublet)
Gems (worth 875 pp)
Provisory Notes for 2000 pp in Lastburg
1 Deed of 200 pp in Lastburg
1 Deed of 600 pp in Lastburg

Signet Ring from her Family

Masterwork Longsword

Masterwork Daggers
Left Sleeve
Right Sleeve
Back of the Neck

Studded Leather Armour
Explorer's Outfit

Various Throwing Daggers (hidden in various places on her person) [x9]
Left Boot
Right Boot
Belt (Front) [x2]
Belt (Back) [x2]
Left Thigh
Right Thigh
Inside the Doublet
Must buy two for backpack

Light Crossbow with 20 bolts

Belt Pouch
Thieves' Tools
Acid Flask
Flint and Steel
Signal Whistle
Sewing Needle

Disguise Kit
Hooded Lantern and Flasks of Oil [x2]
Case (Map or Scroll)
Parchment (Sheet) [x5]
Ink (1 Oz. Vial)Pen (Ink)
Sealing Wax
Hemp Rope
Grappling Hook
Spade or Shovel
Piton [x10]
Rations (Trail, Per Day) [x5]
Flask with Water
Tent and Bedroll

Chest (at the inn)
Costumes (Rich, Noble, Priest) [Improve disguise ability for these roles]
Ornate Cushion with Gold Tassels (worth 20 gp)


Original Money {160 gp}
Money from the merchants {66gp}
Found 6 pp, 20 gp, 10 gems of various values and various good steel weapons in the orc and goblin camp. Sold and shared in Fogly
Rest of the rewards from the merchants {264gp}
Collected from the "merchant-spy":
4000 pp in gems
1000 to the merchant
1000 to each of us
10000 pp in Provisory Notes (2000 in Dukeville, 8000 in Lastburg)

2000 Dukeville and 2000 Lastburg to the merchant
2000 in Lastburg to each of us
4000 pp in Deeds (5 deeds of 200 and 5 deeds of 600)
2 Deeds of 200 and 2 Deeds of 600 to the merchant
1 Deed of 200 and 1 of 600 to each of us, Mr Young getting the deed for the merchant house that he had burnt

Chest with 6 flasks of potions (10 doses in each flask)
Alchemist needs one dose of each to identify, and gets one dose as a payment
Flask 1: Spider Climb, 4 doses to Gevery, 4 doses to Young (who also bought back the alchemist's)
Flask 2: Unknown
Flask 3: Unknown
Flask 4: Unknown
Flask 5: Unknown
Flask 6: Unknown
Metal Golem
Head, with 8 gems including one diamond (wanted by alchemist)
1/2 sack of scrap precious metals
Pouch of shattered gems


Surface (2) : O O
Serious (1) : O
Deadly (1) : O

Karma Spends

30th July 2003 - 6kp spent on Shapechanger Gift


14th May 2003 - CavesAndCrawlers004 - A Dire Test - Karma +1
21st May 2003 - CavesAndCrawlers005 - Smoke and Mirrors - Karma +1
04th Jun 2003 - CavesAndCrawlers007 - The Golem Foxtrot - Karma +1
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30th Jul 2003 - CavesAndCrawlers014 - Let Sleeping Orcs Smell - Karma +1

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